Only your hands or your smartphone too? What you should sanitize

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Only your hands or your smartphone too? What you should sanitize

26 Oct, 2020

The emergency of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has led us to pay much more attention to hygiene and cleanliness. We already know the rules for proper and thorough hand hygiene, but it is a good idea to clean some personal items as well, to avoid the proliferation of unwanted microorganisms.


The smartphone is probably the object we touch the most during the day: we place it everywhere and that we carry with us in many rooms (including bathroom and kitchen).

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It should be disinfected with alcohol-based products and/or antibacterial wipes; being a delicate object, in order not to damage it you must first remember to turn it off.

A damp cloth and a fairly diluted detergent solution can be used, preferably from those already commercially available. Remember to especially rub the screen well (which comes into contact with your hands and face).

Computer, tablets and keyboards

Studying, getting information, but also making video calls and watching movies and TV series: for all this we use the computer, which sometimes keeps us company even during meals.

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The keyboards deserve particular attention: it will be sufficient to wipe them with alcohol-based products (ethyl or isopropyl) for at least 60% or antibacterial wipes. The same goes for the more agile alternative represented by the tablet.

It is also a good idea to wipe the TV remote with a disinfectant cloth, which is often handled by different people. Let’s remember to sanitize the back and buttons.

In the kitchen

Let's head to the kitchen: the home isolation is driving us to try our hand at the stove. It is therefore good to remember a few important rules: to wash and dry dishes, pots and cutlery let’s use sponges (replacing them regularly) and tea towels (washing them at at least 60°C, and in any case changing them frequently). Let’s also clean the shelves and the oven grill well. 

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Do not forget to carefully disinfect work surfaces such as the cutting board, always with alcohol-based products: in fact, germs proliferate in the grooves created by the knife, especially when we cut raw meat or fish.

Out of the house

If we frequently use the car to shop or go to work, let’s adopt the habit of having alcohol-based wipes available to disinfect the handles, the steering and the gear lever.

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Finally, since it is frequently passed from hand to hand, even money can become a vehicle for the transmission of viruses and bacteria.

It is not necessary to disinfect coins and banknotes: it is enough to wash your hands thoroughly after handling the money, and especially not to touch your face after doing so.

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