Culture and society

Culture and society

Vitiligo: causes, treatments and importance of emotional support

Various authors 25 Jun, 2024 0 Commenti

Every 25 June, since 2011, World Vitiligo Day has been celebrated in Italy and around the world. It is an important opportunity to raise awareness about an autoimmune disease that affects millions of people and can have profound physical and emotional implications.

Culture and society

Albinism Awareness day, against superstition and discrimination

Various authors 13 Jun, 2024 0 Commenti

Albinism (from the Latin albus, "white") is a genetic condition that results in a reduction or absence of melanin in the skin, hair and eyes. This condition is prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa: in Tanzania around 1 in 1,400 people are being affected, and prevalence is as high as 1 in 1,000 in...

Culture and society

Eating disorders: rediscovering food as an ally

Jessica Falcone 27 Mar, 2024 0 Commenti

The behaviors enacted by those suffering from Eating Disorders can alter eating habits, with very detrimental consequences for health and impact on the body's ability to receive appropriate and balanced nutrition. On the occasion of the month dedicated to these Disorders, we explore how it is...

Culture and society

The comeback of cinema

Maria Russo 15 Mar, 2024 0 Commenti

Beginning with the "Barbenheimer" phenomenon, on which Ryan Goslin and Emily Blunt joked about during Oscar awards ceremony [1], it seems that in recent times there has been a real return to the movie theaters, despite the proliferation of digital platforms where to consume, in a different way,...

Culture and society

Recognizing and supporting someone who has an Eating Disorder

Anna Lucia Ogliari 12 Mar, 2024 0 Commenti

"Eating Disorders" represent a group of complex disorders manifested by a persistent alteration in eating behavior.

In Eating Disorders Month, we delve into how these disorders are defined, which warning signs to look out for, and how to most appropriately support those who suffer from them.

Culture and society

The Center that saves smiles from eating disorders

Clotilde Austoni 29 Feb, 2024 0 Commenti

Most people who suffer or have suffered from eating disorders have experienced, or still experience, or still experience, damage to the oral cavity. However, with the support of the right professionals, damage can be prevented or remedied when it has already occurred.

Culture and society

Memory: individual and collective

Massimo Reichlin 26 Jan, 2024 0 Commenti

In a famous passage from the Confessions, St. Augustine argues that there are not, properly speaking, three times, past, present and future; time is essentially in the soul, in which things are present in various ways. What we call the present is the immediate perception of things, the future is...

Culture and society

Urgency, gratification, tension: the emotions of Black Friday

Serena Borroni 23 Nov, 2023 0 Commenti

Black Friday originated in America to denote the Friday following Thanksgiving, and for the past few years it has caught on in Italy as well. On this day, stores, chains and e-commerce offer large discounts with the aim of encouraging purchases, especially in view of the Christmas season. However,...

Culture and society

High-protein foods: current "trend" or health benefit?

Jessica Falcone 31 Oct, 2023 0 Commenti

Bars, yogurt, cookies, but also pasta, dairy products, drinks: for quite some time our shelves have been almost invaded by industrial foods that claim to be "high in protein."

Culture and society

Breast cancer: the importance of prevention

UniSR Communication Team 10 Oct, 2023 0 Commenti

October is "Pink Month", the month that the WHO has designated to raise awareness among citizens of the importance of breast cancer prevention. Breast cancer is in fact the most frequent neoplasm in women in any age group and is the leading cause of death from cancer in women. The WHO estimates...

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