Culture and society

Culture and society

The role of the physiotherapist: prevention, treatment and rehabilitation

UniSR Communication Team 8 Sep, 2021 0 Commenti

Every year on September 8, the World Day of Physiotherapy is celebrated, established in 1996 on the initiative of the WCPT (World Confederation for Physical therapy). The aim of the day is to enhance the work that physiotherapists carry out, for patients and the whole community, as well as to...

Culture and society

Mind the gap: care for the elderly

UniSR Communication Team 26 Jul, 2021 0 Commenti

Socio-health professionals today find themselves operating in increasingly complex and demanding contexts, especially given the increase in elderly, chronic patients and those suffering from varying degrees of social fragility. From the need to support these professionals, and to guarantee the...

Culture and society

Albinism Awareness day, against superstition and discrimination

UniSR Communication Team 11 Jun, 2021 0 Commenti

Albinism (from the Latin albus, "white") is a genetic condition that results in a reduction or absence of melanin in the skin, hair and eyes. This condition is prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa: in Tanzania around 1 in 1,400 people are being affected, and prevalence is as high as 1 in 1,000 in...

Culture and society

A tobacco-free world? Less damage for our health and environment

UniSR Communication Team 31 May, 2021 0 Commenti

The damage from tobacco is unfortunately well calculable: not only for health (seven million deaths every year in the world, more likeliness to develop severe disease with Covid-19 than non-smokers), but also for the environment.

Culture and society

The nursing profession: the art of "standing beside"

UniSR Communication Team 12 May, 2021 0 Commenti

International Nurses Day is celebrated every year on May 12th: a date chosen in honor of the birth of Florence Nightingale, recognized as the founder of the modern nursing profession and one of the most influential British women of the Victorian Age.

Culture and society

Eating Disorders during Covid-19 pandemic

UniSR Communication Team 15 Mar, 2021 0 Commenti

March 15 is the Lilac Ribbon Day, established in Italy to raise awareness around eating and nutrition disorders. An eating disorder completely changes the life of those who suffer from it, limits their relational, work and social skills: in fact, everything seems to revolve around food and body...

Culture and society

Women who are leaving their mark

UniSR Communication Team 8 Mar, 2021 0 Commenti

On the occasion of the International Women's Day we propose an inter-faculty article that presents some of the women who have made the history of Medicine, Psychology and Philosophy.Male figures are historically more cited and represented, but we would like to recall the decisive presence of ...

Culture and society

Dance Movement Therapy: curiosities and applications

UniSR Communication Team 10 Feb, 2021 0 Commenti

Some time ago, the moving video of Marta C. González, former prima ballerina of the New York City Ballet went viral, who, notwithstanding having Alzheimer, remembered perfectly well the choreography of The Death of the Swan by Čajkovskij danced many years before.

Culture and society

“Retarded”, “autistic”, “bipolar” and other dangerous labels

UniSR Communication Team 1 Feb, 2021 0 Commenti

Words can shape our plural and multiform identities. The labels with which individuals and groups are classified (“man” and “woman”, “heterosexual” and “homosexual”, “white” and “black”) allow human beings to orient themselves in social reality.

Culture and society

I disagree, therefore I destroy: what Philosophy says

UniSR Communication Team 15 Jan, 2021 0 Commenti

In recent months, numerous news cases have reported demonstrations of dissent culminating in violent and destructive episodes, when not real acts of vandalism.

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