For a responsible and prudent use of antimicrobial agents

Various authors 12 Oct, 2023 0 Commenti

The World Health Organisation annually celebrates a world awareness week (“World Antimicrobial Awareness Week”) aimed at promoting correct and responsible use of antimicrobials and at increasing awareness of antimicrobial resistance.


Novavax: a new/"old" vaccine against Covid-19

Elisa Vicenzi and Guido Poli 23 Feb, 2022 0 Commenti

Recently, the announcement of the imminent availability of a new vaccine against COVID-19 has been made: its name isNuvaxovid (NVX-CoV2373) produced by Novavax, an American biotechnology company.


Delivering Covid-19 vaccine, an extraordinary team effort

Valentina Di Mattei 23 Nov, 2021 0 Commenti

We're talking hundreds, probably thousands of people who have been working together to make these [...] systems so that they're actually ready for prime time”. “Everyone just incrementally added something – including me” [1].


mRNA vaccines are safe: here's why

UniSR Communication Team 16 Nov, 2021 0 Commenti

Covid-19 vaccines are among the safest and most effective ever made: they have undergone rigorous studies and strict approval criteria, and their technology is the result of decades of development by researchers around the world.


Covid-19 mRNA vaccines: composition and perspectives

Elisa Vicenzi and Guido Poli 9 Nov, 2021 0 Commenti

Since the beginning of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, the international scientific community has taken action in record time to prepare one or more safe and effective vaccines to prevent infection and the possible clinical evolution in the most serious forms of respiratory disease defined as "COVID-19...


The groundbreaking malaria vaccine for children at risk

UniSR Communication Team 20 Oct, 2021 0 Commenti

October 6, 2021 has been a historic day: WHO gave the final green light to the use of the first vaccine against malaria, one of the deadliest infectious diseases, which causes over 400,000 deaths every year, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. To give an idea of ​​the emergency: a child dies from...


Left-handed life: challenges, myths and curiosities

Nicola Del Maschio 27 Jul, 2021 0 Commenti

The world we live in is more designed for right-handed people, i.e. people who preferably use the right hand, while left-handed people are more often faced with uncomfortable inconveniences: from ergonomic scissors to conference chairs with folding tables, from can openers to keyboard shortcuts...


ALS, the motor neuron disease, between research and new therapies

Massimo Filippi 21 Jun, 2021 0 Commenti

ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is a neurodegenerative disease that selectively affects motor neurons, i.e. the cells of the nervous system that control the movements of our muscles, also known in Italy as "the disease of soccer players", given the unusually high number of athletes who are...


Alpha, Beta, Gamma: Coronavirus variants have new names

Various authors 4 Jun, 2021 0 Commenti

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that variants of SARS-CoV-2 will have a new nomenclature.Until now, in common parlance, variant names had been associated with the countries in which they were initially detected: an understandable attitude, in a moment when new data are continually...


Fighting against HIV: are we well underway?

Various authors 21 May, 2021 0 Commenti

World AIDS Day is celebrated every December 1st. The choice of this day was established in 1988 by the World Health Organization (WHO) on the occasion of the World Summit of Health Ministers on AIDS prevention programs, and was then adopted by governments, international organizations and...

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