The alterations of the chromatic sense

Various authors 12 Jan, 2022 0 Commenti

Color blindness is a visual condition characterized by the lack of vision of some colors: it is estimated that around 300 million people are affected by color blindness in the world (almost as much as the entire population of the United States!). The condition was named after the English chemist


Summer on the move: how to deal with motion sickness

Roberto Teggi 27 Jul, 2021 0 Commenti

Summer, vacation time and for many even departure time.

Cars, ships, trains, airplanes… in some subjects, journeys on means of transport are a serious problem due to the “motion sickness”. What does it depend on? What are its symptoms? How can it be treated? We talked about it with Dr....


How to save your skin this summer

Santo Raffaele Mercuri 14 Jul, 2021 0 Commenti

Finally the most beloved season is coming up and it brings with it long sunny and open air days; but the desire to enjoy the summer and to sunbathe to show off a splendid tan should never make us forget what's necessary for a proper care of our skin.


On vacation alone: when and how?

UniSR Communication Team 6 Jul, 2021 0 Commenti

Children and the holiday alone: an important moment for their growth and conquest of autonomy, but it’s not the same for everyone. Some children (or kids) are exploratory and adventurous, others more fearful and in need of reassurance; how to approach the prospect of a vacation away from...


Holidays in the sun: learn how to protect your eyes

UniSR Communication Team 30 Jun, 2021 0 Commenti

Sea, snow, high mountains… in summer our eyes are more exposed to the sun. The light that reaches and penetrates the human eye is divided into visible spectrum (between 380 nm and 780 nm) and non-visible spectrum (which includes ultraviolet rays and infrared rays).

Ultraviolet (UV) rays are...


The importance of voice

UniSR Communication Team 16 Apr, 2021 0 Commenti

The voice: communication tool par excellence, crucial in human relationships, artistic expression and an integral part of every culture in the world. World Voice Day (inaugurated in Brazil in 1999) is today celebrated annually on April 16 with the aim of raising public awareness of the...


Mother language, a cultural and cognitive richness

Nicola Del Maschio 7 Apr, 2021 0 Commenti

Our planet is populated by nearly 8 billion people, with a current average population growth estimated at 81 million individuals per year [1]. Each individual is exposed at birth to one or more of the approximately 7140 known living languages [2]. This is a constantly fluctuating number, not...


Changing the clock: what effects on our health?

Eufemia Serena Putortì 26 Mar, 2021 0 Commenti

An hour back, an hour forward: twice a year, on the last Sunday in March and the last Sunday in October, the European population moves their clock. This convention was established in 2001 by the European Union with the main purpose of addressing the problems, especially for the logistics and...


Protecting your skin in the cold weather

Santo Raffaele Mercuri 18 Jan, 2021 0 Commenti

When we go outside in the cold weather, to protect ourselves from the cold, we never forget to wear a warm coat and a soft scarf. Likewise, it is important not to forget to take care of our skin during the winter season,


Communicating by touch: brief story of Braille code

Eufemia Serena Putortì 30 Dec, 2020 0 Commenti

On the occasion of January 4th, the date of birth of Louis Braille, the World Braille Day is celebrated: a system that has completely changed the life of thousands of people with visual disabilities, allowing them to write, read and communicate in writing.

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