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Mother language, a cultural and cognitive richness

Nicola Del Maschio 7 Apr, 2021 0 Commenti

Our planet is populated by nearly 8 billion people, with a current average population growth estimated at 81 million individuals per year [1]. Each individual is exposed at birth to one or more of the approximately 7140 known living languages [2]. This is a constantly fluctuating number, not only...


Changing the clock: what effects on our health?

Eufemia Serena Putortì 26 Mar, 2021 0 Commenti

An hour back, an hour forward: twice a year, on the last Sunday in March and the last Sunday in October, the European population moves their clock. This convention was established in 2001 by the European Union with the main purpose of addressing the problems, especially for the logistics and...


Protecting your skin in the cold weather

Santo Raffaele Mercuri 18 Jan, 2021 0 Commenti

When we go outside in the cold weather, to protect ourselves from the cold, we never forget to wear a warm coat and a soft scarf. Likewise, it is important not to forget to take care of our skin during the winter season,


Communicating by touch: brief story of Braille code

Eufemia Serena Putortì 30 Dec, 2020 0 Commenti

On the occasion of January 4th, the date of birth of Louis Braille, the World Braille Day is celebrated: a system that has completely changed the life of thousands of people with visual disabilities, allowing them to write, read and communicate in writing.


It’s beginning to...smell a lot like Christmas: chemistry of spices

Eufemia Serena Putortì 9 Dec, 2020 0 Commenti

Have you ever noticed that many memories we associate with the Christmas time are linked to a particular smell? It is often the scent of gingerbread cookies, cinnamon, and all those herbs and spices we use during the holiday season.


The spot-on gift for Christmas? It’s a matter of neuroscience

Lorenzo Dornetti 4 Dec, 2020 0 Commenti

Christmas is coming and everyone is struggling to make a gift to their loved ones. Few, however, realize that a spot-on gift is also a matter of neuroscience. In fact, neuromarketing brain studies show that receiving an appreciated gift cause a rising in the levels of oxytocin, the hormone of...

Culture and society, Curiosiscience

The lies we believe: how the brain gets trapped in fake news

Matteo Motterlini 16 Nov, 2020 0 Commenti

The human mind has a natural tendency to be duped by false beliefs and seduced by conspiracy theories. Social media has amplified this phenomenon.

Culture and society, Curiosiscience

Alzheimer’s and memories: the precious role of music

Eufemia Serena Putortì 12 Nov, 2020 0 Commenti

A moving video is viral these days: an elderly lady with Alzheimer’s wearing a pair of headphones. She is listening to the music of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, and after a few moments a magic seems to sparkle: even from her wheelchair, she suddenly reproduces, with decision and feeling, the movements...


The biology of colors

Eufemia Serena Putortì 29 Oct, 2020 0 Commenti

The animal world is very rich in colors; animals live in a colorful world, but we rarely stop to reflect on how that color is produced and perceived, or how it has evolved.

Curiosiscience, Student Life

Only your hands or your smartphone too? What you should sanitize

Eufemia Serena Putortì 26 Oct, 2020 0 Commenti

The emergency of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has led us to pay much more attention to hygiene and cleanliness. We already know the rules for proper and thorough hand hygiene, but it is a good idea to clean some personal items as well, to avoid the proliferation of unwanted microorganisms.

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