Leaves are falling: let’s boost our energy

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Leaves are falling: let’s boost our energy

21 Oct, 2020

Many of us will have heard, especially from the grandmothers, recommendations such as “remember, the first cold of autumn is coming”.

In fact, popular wisdom has intuited, from the earliest times, that autumn is a period in which we must take special care of ourselves, in order to face the rigors of winter with well-recharged energies.

What to do then?

1) Pumpkin

Pumpkin, like other vegetables of the autumn season (Jerusalem artichoke; cruciferous, or the cabbage family; celeriac; beetroot; etc.), is ideal for obtaining a delicate but persistent warming effect from food, therefore an excellent home remedy to strengthen the defenses against winter colds.

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2) Soup

In this season, we begin to favor more heating, so no more raw salad and tomatoes, but broths, soups, stewed or baked vegetables. The ideal is to start dinner with a seasonal mixed vegetable soup or, if we are not used to the consistencies of vegetables, a nice vegetable cream (nothing complicated: just cook the vegetables and puree them with a blender).

Starting with a soup, it will be easier to keep us light at dinner. An ideal autumn dinner could be: vegetable cream with a few tablespoons of cooked wholemeal spelled; a light protein (stewed chickpeas or lentils, or fish, molluscs or crustaceans with a light gravy); an apple or other seasonal fruit.

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3) ZZZ... as sleeping

Restful sleep is important all year round, but it is particularly important in the fall, when all our energy regulation systems need to be reprogrammed for darker times.

So let’s avoid tea and coffee after dinner and, above all, avoid the friendly, but terrible for sleep, blue light screens (mobile phones, tablets, PC screens). If we really can’t do without it, let’s set the lighting to “night” mode.

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4) Strolling around

Strolling around, trying to stay focused on the present moment, for example the colors of the sky, or the faces of people, as well as the noise of the street, is an excellent regenerator, both for physical and psychic energies. There is no need to become a marathon runner: half an hour is enough, at a fast but conscious pace, 3-4 times a week.

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Written by

Stefano Erzegovesi
Stefano Erzegovesi

A psychiatrist and nutritionist, he lives and works in Milan. He is director of the Center for Eating Disorders of the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan and deals with scientific dissemination in the field of healthy eating; healthy for the body, for the mind and for the environment in which we live. He loves to read about everything, aimlessly ride a motorcycle and stay in the kitchen with his children to make vegetables appetizing. His dream, which is gradually coming true, is to take care of people in a large kitchen; because, by eating well, we can prevent a good part of the chronic diseases of our time and, while we are at it, live together with others in a more peaceful way.

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