Student Life (2)

Student Life

Studying with background music: is it a good idea?

Valentina Tobia 30 Nov, 2020 0 Commenti

How many of you listen to background music as you prepare for an exam? Many students do, and they argue that it helps them “focus”. What does the scientific literature say about the effects of this habit on our study skills?

Student Life

Students in the kitchen at the time of SARS-CoV-2

Stefano Erzegovesi 19 Nov, 2020 0 Commenti

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has brought us to review our eating habits. We think in particular of the students (especially off-site ones) who find themselves reorganizing the time of meals and combining lessons, study, hobbies and cooking.

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Only your hands or your smartphone too? What you should sanitize

Eufemia Serena Putortì 26 Oct, 2020 0 Commenti

The emergency of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has led us to pay much more attention to hygiene and cleanliness. We already know the rules for proper and thorough hand hygiene, but it is a good idea to clean some personal items as well, to avoid the proliferation of unwanted microorganisms.

Culture and society, Student Life

Why do we often forget the name of people we have just met?

Jubin Abutalebi 22 Oct, 2020 0 Commenti

To whom has it never happened to be introduced to someone new, and thus, to listen to the name of the person you have just known, and forget it almost instantly?

Student Life

Leaves are falling: let’s boost our energy

Stefano Erzegovesi 21 Oct, 2020 0 Commenti

Many of us will have heard, especially from the grandmothers, recommendations such as “remember, the first cold of autumn is coming”.

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Keeping the brain fresh: students' nutrition in summertime

Stefano Erzegovesi 20 Oct, 2020 0 Commenti

Hi guys, I’m your brain and I’m back to telling you something about me. The summer exam session is squeezing you for the final rush and, in this heat, I need some help to work the best.

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